Road to Concord
road to Salem
Charles River
Massachusetts Bay
road to Truro

Beacon Hill

the great library in Copley Square

King's Church

Tremont Street

White Star pier in Charlestown

the Widener Library at Harvard

the Zion Research Library in Brookline

"It is the glory of Boston's hillside roofs and western windows aflame with sunset, of the flower-fragrant Common and the great dome on the hill and the tangle of gables and chimneys in the violet valley where the many-bridged Charles flows drowsily."

"There is Antares-he is winking at this moment over the roofs of Tremont Street, and you could see him from your window on Beacon Hill."

"Home--New England--Beacon Hill--the waking world." -- The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

"When Dr. Checkley the famous wit came from Boston in 1738 to be rector of King's Church..."

"During October Ward began visiting the libraries again, but no longer for the antiquarian matter of his former days. Witchcraft and magic, occultism and daemonology, were what he sought now; and when Providence sources proved unfruitful he would take the train for Boston and tap the wealth of the great library in Copley Square, the Widener Library at Harvard, or the Zion Research Library in Brookline, where certain rare works on Biblical subjects are available."

"Gossip spoke of the strange substances he brought from London and the Indies on his ships or purchased in Newport, Boston, and New York..."

"There were later rumours of its having been seen in Boston Harbour, though it never openly entered the Port of Boston."

"From Boston take ye Post Rd. thro' Dedham, Wrentham, and Attleborough..."

"in June the young man sailed for Liverpool with the farewell blessings of his father and mother, who accompanied him to Boston and waved him out of sight from the White Star pier in Charlestown." -- The Case of Charles Dexter Ward