the six thousand steps

"Dan, for God's sake! The pit of the shoggoths! Down the six thousand steps...the abomination of abominations...I never would let her take me, and then I found myself there--Ia! Shub-Niggurath!--The shape rose up from the altar, and there were five hundred that howled--The Hooded Thing bleated 'Kamog! Kamog!'--that was old Ephraim's secret name in the coven--I was there, where she promised she wouldn't take me--A minute before I was locked in the library, and then I was there where she had gone with my body--in the place of utter blasphemy, the unholy pit where the black realm begins and the watcher guards the gate--I saw a shoggoth--it changed shape--I can't stand it--I'll kill her if she ever sends me there again--I'll kill that entity--her, him, it-- I'll kill it! I'll kill it with my own hands!" -- The Thing on the Doorstep