Cassini-Huygens (for Michael Shawn Yamamoto)

Priapic priest in a jock strap, you
Whipped up the best vegan Caesar in the solar system,

Hosted fascinating celestial alignments
Orbiting your dining table. Wicked, eye-popping

Observatory. A comet trail of imagery in your wake,
Ahead of its time. Gender fluid

Dynamics churning, no filters. Blurting
"First man to anally penetrate me,"

To strangers who became instant supernovae
In your universe. Fretting, repeatedly traversing darkness

And messaging from the edge. Father
Struck down by fellow soldiers for being a Jap, went mad

In his stylish apparel. Uranian trajectories.
Castaway, Mother Gaia frozen at absolute zero, disowning

You. What "gaman," brittle in the void,
All of your sensory instruments perpetually firing!

Descending at the end in a great gravity, home
Looks like a speck of dust.

Diving through atmospheres. We are
Rings remaining around a vanished Saturn.

2017 John Goss