Archer Harris' sumptuous but hideous French-roofed mansion in the East Side residence district

Brown University

Deserted Church

Dr. Whipple's Georgian homestead

Federal Hill

Hope Street

The Mansion House in Benefit Street (formerly named Golden Ball Inn)

Mrs. Whitman's home

The North Buriel Gound on the Pawtucket West Road

Presbyterian Lane near the new college building

The Shunned House

St. John's

Town Street beside the river

Venerable Dwelling

The warehouse at Pardon Tillinghast's wharf, far south in Town Street

Westminster Street

"The latter sort is splendidly exemplified by a case in the ancient city of Providence, where in the late forties Edgar Allan Poe used to sojourn often during his unsuccessful wooing of the gifted poetess, Mrs. Whitman." -- The Shunned House